6 Top Sessions at the UKSTAR 2018 Software Testing Conference

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6 Top Sessions at the UKSTAR 2018 Software Testing Conference

Bar Kofman
Bar KofmanDigital Marketing Manager | January 15, 2018

UKSTAR is back! and this time, with a packed schedule they are focusing specifically on experienced practitioners!
Starting March 12-13, anyone who has anything to do with Software Testing is going to be in the United Kingdom for this conference. Here, you’ll be able to choose between Lectures, workshops, Q&A sessions, and even some hands-on practices.

This year, in addition to bringing great speakers they also brought some of the top practitioners in the field, so if you have any questions or want to discuss any topic- you know the person you will be speaking with knows what he or she is talking about.

So between all these sessions- we’ve done the hard work for you and hand-picked the sessions we think you will not only enjoy but will also gain the most out of.

Here’s our pick for the top 6 UKSTAR speakers you’d be wise not to miss!

Zero to One: Notes on quality for startups, or how to start from scratch

Yann Person, QA Manager / @troblous


In this session, Yann will present how startups can improve the overall quality of their products with very simple testing tips and tricks.
He will share key insights from his past experiences working for European Fintech companies, and explain how they decide what to test first, how they chose the proper tools to quickly build solid tests, how they started training people within the company, and most importantly- how to start improving quality in difficult environments.

Mapping Cognition to Software Modelling & Testing

Alan Richardson@eviltester  & Gustav Kuhn@GustavKuhn


Have you ever wondered how a study of magic and prestidigitation of Psychology can improve your software testing?
In this co-presented session, Alan Richardson and Gustav Kuhn delve into how they spent a year with professional magicians and came out with the understanding of how to reverse engineer the process of observing the performance of magic and develop techniques which they applied directly to improve their Technical Testing process. They also explore the wonder of magic and cognition, to map it on to the process of testing, understanding, and manipulating systems.

Basic Pathologies of Simple Systems

James Lyndsay, Consultant Test Strategist / @workroomprds


In this hands-on track, you’ll explore very simple systems to discover surprising emergent behaviors.
You’ll find dynamic systems that (under the wrong conditions) resonate, explode, jitter or simply die. You’ll look at the ways that these tiny systems produce such pathologies, how to trigger them, how to observe them, and how you might be able to regulate them in the complex systems we build.
Make sure to bring a device with a browser, because you’re going to have fun with systems analysis!

Assurance, the Evolution of Test Management

Paul Gerrard, Eminent Software Consultant / @paul_gerrard


In his talk, Paul will draw out how when the Agile approach emerged over fifteen years ago, there was no clear role for test managers, and how over time a lot has changed. Now, In parallel with the ‘demise’ of test management in many organizations, a new discipline of Assurance is emerging and is a natural progression for delivery-focused professionals.

Listen to him explain why assurance is seen by many companies as the way to improve the relationship with software suppliers, to provide support to them, and where necessary, to police their activities, and why now and today is the time for Digital Assurance.

Connecting the Beats with the Bytes

Frank Wamme, CTO /  @fwammes


Will we lose jobs because of automation?

In this session, Frank Wammes will talk about the miracles we can achieve when we connect our heartbeat with the computer bytes. In the current era of Technology Rise, fear has become almost more dominant over opportunity.

In this keynote, you will hear about people and examples that were able to create this impact. But perhaps even more important, how they were enabled and how you can make a change within your organization to unleash the energy of the people.

Experiences in Testing Infrastructure Projects

Jesper Ottosen, Test Manager/  @jlottosen


This session is an experience report of solving testing problems in the infrastructure domain.
The Problems we will ponder:
Who tests, what can we test, what test phases apply, do we test or just find evidence? What test management tools do we really need?

The purpose of this talk is to provide additional stories and considerations for testing outside software development, a topic which currently has very little published information about. With this talk you will have knowledge about possible testing challenges and testing solutions, to bring hope and add to into your own organizations when establishing IaaS solutions.


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We hope you will enjoy the conference and these sessions, and just in case you were wondering -we are also going to be there! So when you have a moment- drop by our booth and say hi to Bar and Avishai! We’re easy to spot if you look up – Just look for the flying shark!
See you at @UKSTARconf!