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DeveloperWeek 2017: Don’t Miss These Sessions and Open Talks

Dror Arazi
Dror Arazi | February 13, 2017

So I’m in San Francisco together with 8000 developers for DeveloperWeek 2017, the world’s largest developer expo and conference series. DeveloperWeek 2017 will be held from February 11 to 16 and brimming with opportunities for learning, networking, hiring, and getting hired (depending on what you’re looking for).

In addition to seminars and close to 70 companies displaying on the exhibitor floor, there will be the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, the Official Hiring Mixer, and plenty of partner events around the city. The theme of this year’s DeveloperWeek is “The Industrial Revolution of Code,” with speakers exploring the trajectory of the industrialization of coding, which many experts see as a potential cause for transformation in how our industry currently operates and plans for the future. In parallel to the conference and expo, there’s also the two-day annual CTO World Congress which will kick off February 14 (see more on that below).

So, how will you choose where to split your time among more than 200 workshops, bootcamps, panel talks, and keynotes covering new dev technologies? Let me tell you which sessions and open talks I’m planning to attend at DeveloperWeek 2017 and why you should consider adding those to your schedule, as well.

Three Sessions @ DeveloperWeek 2017

1. Build a Serverless Chat Bot with On-Demand AI Web Services

When: Monday, February 13

Speaker: Josh Marinacci, Head of Developer Evangelism, PubNub

Why: It turns out you don’t have to be an expert in natural language processing or machine learning to build a simple chat bot, especially with the availability of on-demand AI web services. This session promises an in-depth overview of chatbot architecture and a survey of available services. By the end, we’ll supposedly be able to create our very own bot! Learn more

2. Create a Custom Skill on Amazon Echo

When: Monday, February 13

Speaker: Emily Lam, Frontend developer, Lieberman Software

Why: Who doesn’t want to learn exactly what Amazon’s newest and coolest gadget can do? Speaker Emily Lam promises a hands-on tutorial on how to create your first custom skill on Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot. Bring your laptop! (Bonus: they’re throwing a free t-shirt our way.) Learn more

3. Developer Workflow Challenges for Applications in a Containerized World

When: Tuesday, February 14

Speaker: Neil Gehani, Product Manager, Mesosphere

Why: The fact is more and more organizations are moving towards containers. So all of us in dev test need to keep up. In this session, I’m hoping to hear from Neil about the latest on best practices for discovering and correcting performance issues. Learn more

Code Coverage vs. Test Coverage | Download >>

Three Open Talks @ DeveloperWeek 2017

1. More Than a Gut Feeling: A Metrics-Driven Approach to Code Quality

* Note: This is my talk — I’m personally inviting you to join and to introduce yourself after!

When: Wednesday, February 15

Speaker: Dror Arazi, Developer Evangelist at

Why: We live in a world of Continuous Delivery, where rapid code development and release is becoming more and more of a norm. Yet, while DevOps has evolved to support this, testing has not; leaving code quality in limbo, defined mainly in subjective terms. In this session, I will examine a metrics-driven approach to code quality and how testing must fundamentally shift in order for R&D teams to step beyond gut feelings and achieve quantitative quality management. Learn more

2. Serverless Is Eating the World

When: Tuesday, February 14

Speaker: Jonny Jelinek, Instructor, Linux Academy

Why: In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously claimed “software is eating the world,” talking about the level of disruption software was having at that time across industries. Johnny believes we’re entering another phase of disruption — serverless — and he’s going to talk about what changes are in store because of it. Learn more

3. Data Modeling for the Internet of Things

When: Wednesday, February 15

Speaker: Jason P. Wyatt, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, ThingWorx

Why: As big data continues to expand and our interconnectivity intensifies, we have to look at the data model, and the need (as a developer) to plan backwards when it comes to IoT. I definitely want to hear what the experts are saying about overall trends in IoT, but am hoping to hear specifically about the impacts on and implications for our work on the software side. Learn more

Bonus! CTO World Congress

The premiere event for senior tech executives, CTO World Congress is at the center of DeveloperWeek. This year’s featured speakers include Snehal Antani, CTO at Splunk, Kit Colbert, CTO at VMware, and Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist of Red Hat. There are five main tracks, but I plan to check out “From Developer to CTO,” which includes a session called “Should a CTO code?” and “Building a Technology Team,” which focuses on how to hire and train awesome developers.

Final Note: Don’t Overdo It

Like any conference or expo, DeveloperWeek can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first one and if you haven’t planned in advance which sessions are worth your time and energy. The biggest recommendation I can offer anyone headed out to San Francisco is to think about your goals ahead of time, review the schedule and speakers, and don’t overbook yourself. You want to walk away refreshed and inspired, not burned out on information overkill.

If you are around, feel free to reach out to me via twitter or email –

Happy DeveloperWeek!