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Top 9 Software Development Managers Conferences in 2018

Bar Kofman
Bar KofmanDigital Marketing Manager | March 27, 2018


There is nothing more annoying than attending a conference and leaving with the feeling that it was an utter waste of time. Our schedules and sprints are packed as it is without having to research conferences to figure out which ones are a waste of space and which ones will boost our knowledge.

Here are 9 technology conferences that top R&D VP’s, directors and managers agreed on as best in breed. With keynotes and sessions delivered by industry leaders and good track record of attracting R&D peers. These conferences focus on new technologies and industry trends and most of the speakers will present their learnings through their own use cases, failures and successes.

Eat your own dogfood – we’ve already secured our passes.



GoTo Chicago

Where? Chicago, USA.

When? April 24 – 27 

How much? $750 – $3000

What’s in it for my team and me?  You’ll hear from leading CTO’s, VP’s and engineers about the core technologies, methodologies and skills you, as an R&D leader need to know today, to build the systems of the future and stay relevant in a field which is being transformed by AI and ML

Twitter: @GOTOchgo



Google I/O

Where? Mountain View, California, USA.

When? May 8-10 

How much? $375 – $1150

What’s in it for my team and me? Expect a lot of hands-on learning. They will be hosting sessions where you can explore Google’s latest developer products and technical talks given by the engineers who are developing their latest APIs and tools. They also hold Office Hours where you can meet one-on-one with Google experts to ask all your technical questions, regarding app-related projects.


Glue Conference

Where? Denver, Colorado, USA.

When? May 16-17 

How much? $995

What’s in it for my team and me? Glue is an Software Development Manager, Director and developer­ oriented conference that is focused on Serverless Architectures, Containers, Microservices, APIs, DevOps, Mobile, Analytics, Performance Monitoring, Blockchain Applications, cutting-edge developer platforms and tools that are changing the technology landscape. You will get to hear success stories as well as failure stories.



NDC Oslo

Where? Oslo, Norway

When? June 11-15 

How much? $1,540 – $2,620

What’s in it for my team and me? AT NDC, they put their focus on innovation along with practical advice, to make sure you leave with ideas and actual tools to make them work Its workshops and conference sessions are conducted by developers, and team leads instead of evangelists, trainers/coaches, and consultants. Topics focus on innovators, future tech, and early adopters in software companies.

Twitter: @NDC_Conferences



Where? San Jose, California, USA.

When? June 11-14

How much? $1,295 – $2,095

What’s in it for my team and me? 

This year, Fluent covers a broad range of technologies and topics to provide web programming professionals, managers, and directors the skills, connections, and inspiration needed to build better online and mobile experiences. This year’s program is organized around three thematic tracks: Developer experience, Web pillars including Performance, security, and accessibility, and Leadership, collaboration, and the business side of the web which takes you beyond the code itself. You’ll leave Fluent armed with new ideas, fresh insights, proven best practices and meaningful research.

Twitter: @FluentConf



Open Source Summit

Where? Vancouver, Canada

Date: August 29-31

How much? $200 – $1,100

What’s in it for my team and me?  By attending the Open Source Summit in August this year, you will get a chance to collaborate, share information, learn about the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions. You will get a chance to learn from leading experts how to navigate the complex open source environments, find out how others have used multiple open source projects for the efficiency of their systems and team, gain a competitive advantage by learning about the latest in innovative open solutions and find out what industry-leading companies and projects are doing in the future, and where technologies are headed.

Twitter: @linuxfoundation



Strange Loop

Where? St. Louis,  Missouri, USA.

When? SEPTEMBER 26-28

How much? $200-$700

What’s in it for my team and me?  The Strange Loop COnference has 27 talks, with speakers from the biggest companies in tech, the events include get-togethers for software development managers and executives. Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together developers, thought leaders and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.

Twitter: @strangeloop_stl


Top 4 Machine Learning Algorithms for Testing |  | Download >>



Where? San Francisco, California, USA.

When? October 22–25

How much? TBA

What’s in it for my team and me? Considered one of the top conferences for engineers and Software Development Managers, this conference focuses on Microservices, distributed systems, integration architecture, DevOps, business skills, security, performance optimization, and UX design. Almost every session will include the story behind the success or failure of the speaker, so you will leave this conference with more than just tools to succeed but with actual road maps of what to do and what to be careful of doing.  

Twitter: @JavaOneConf



Where? London, UK.

When? October 30 – November 2

How much? TBA 

What’s in it for my team and me? At Velocity this year,  systems and site reliability engineers and managers, architects, and application developers and leaders will learn to build and manage performant, distributed, resilient, and highly available websites and applications. The sessions this year will focus on the issues with software systems that are large, complex and, at times, unpredictable. You will get a chance to meet and hear experts talk about Systems- Monitoring & Orchestration, Resilient, Performant & Secure Distributed Systems, Systems Architecture & Infrastructure, and Leading your software teams to excellence.

Twitter: @velocityconf

I really hope you found this useful and that this will save you time and money. If you have any thoughts, any other conferences you know of or think Software Development Managers should know about- please feel free to contact me or leave it in the comments section below!

See you at the conferences!


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