Measuring Your Team’s End-to-End Tests Code Coverage

When it comes to releasing with confidence and avoiding production incidents, code coverage for unit tests is not sufficient. As you write more and more end-to-end tests, you will find yourself wondering – are those sufficient and effective? Are there critical parts of the application still untested? In order to answer those questions, it is useful to find out what critical code areas were executed during end-to-end testing.

As Dev & QA leaders estimate that less than 20% of application critical code areas are being tested by E2E tests, there is an increasing demand for a tool that will gain visibility into this important metric.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to uncover what your E2E Tests are missing
  • How to know what % of the application critical code areas are tested by E2E tests
  • Where to add E2E tests to ensure the critical code is tested
  • How to identify code that was changed and not tested

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