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How to Cut Failed Tests Troubleshooting Time

As a development manager, you understand the importance of testing in ensuring the quality and reliability of your software. However, you may also be aware of the challenges…

Bar Kofman

New Year, New Features!

At the dawn of 2020 – a new year and decade – we thought it appropriate to reflect on Sealight’s achievements in 2019. Enhanced SeaLights Dashboard:
Coverage report: We added hierarchical views for each app’s coverage stats…

Amir Schwartz

Effective Tips to Help Reduce Deployment Time for Your App

Did you realize that over 55 percent of the startups in the United States have adopted a digital-first strategy? This strategy focuses solely on providing employees with the latest and most innovative tech tools on the market.

Ashley Lipman

How to Manage Your Quality Technical Debt with Test Gap Analytics

Technical debt refers to the differences between a system or solution’s current state and its ideal state.  In software development, it is the resultant effect of trade-offs that occur when development teams choose the short-term benefits…

Amir Schwartz

5 Critical Factors for Successful Functional Test Automation

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve tried automating functional testing automation, but the results weren’t as good as you had expected. Well, when it comes to functional tests, there is a wide range of reasons…

Elisa Abbott

The Need for Velocity with Eran Sher

Accurate software analytics are necessary in today’s fast-paced software development and testing world. How can you make a conclusive decision without having a full picture of your testing and quality gaps?

Bar Kofman

How to Manage your Agile Team in the Age of Big Data

Organizations worldwide continue to struggle to adapt to the tumultuous and unpredictable nature of today’s business, economic, and technological environments. The age of big data creates new challenges.

Jason Wides

Software Development Managers’ Quest for Quality Metrics

Development managers are inundated by metrics – from code coverage  to lead time, velocity, MTTR, and customer satisfaction. But these metrics are not enough to really understand what is happening “under the hood.”

Amir Banet

It’s Time to Rethink Technical Debt Management

Learn how to manage technical debt smartly to release faster and get user feedback that you need to decide whether to close the debt or dump the functionality.

Alon Eizenman

What’s Trending in Quality Intelligence?

The World Quality Report 2017-18  states that the number one objective for QA & testing is the need to increase the quality of the product or software.

Amir Banet

Taking End-User Insights Beyond Event Tracking

If an engineering or product manager tells you that their end users are doing exactly what they expected them to do, they’re either clairvoyant, in the dark, or seriously massaging the truth.

Avishai Shafir

Using Software Testing Quality Trend Intelligence

If someone sneezes in your production environment odds are you’re going to know about it, and in real-time. There is no shortage of tools like Datadog, New Relic, and AppDynamic to cover you on that end.

Amir Schwartz

How To Do Automated Regression Testing

Regression testing is carried out to ensure that a system or an “Application Under Test” (AUT) behaves as expected after enhancements or bug fixes.

Renu Rajani

The Advantages of Manual Testing Code Coverage

Manual testing is here to stay. So instead of asking how do I get rid of manual testing you should be asking how do I turn manual testing into a value-added testing activity

Amir Banet