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Measure regression test code coverage

With SeaLights you can go beyond unit test coverage. Get coverage on your regression, integration, and API tests from the get go.

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Regression Test Code Coverage
Build Quality Dashboard

Centralized build quality dashboard

We let you track all your build quality metrics and test statuses, across all testing tools and environments, automatically.

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Prevent untested code changes from reaching production

SeaLights analyzes changes to your code and alerts you whenever an untested code change has slipped through. Stop risky code before it’s shipped.

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Regression Test Coverage Graph

Quality analytics trends

Ongoing trends into build quality, test quality, code quality, build activity, and test performance.

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SeaLights is the first cloud-based, continuous testing platform

We let you measure any test, in any tool, across all environments. So you have the knowledge you need to optimize your speed and quality.

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SeaLights provides us with valuable analytics and insights into our unit test and integration test coverage and overlaps. Letting us understand when and where to focus, and do so in the most effective way.

Shay Mandel
R&D Senior Director at Perion

SeaLights gives us calculated code coverage of our functional API tests. Allowing us to increase speed while increasing quality

David W. Ng
Manager, Software Engineering

SeaLights has an innovative way of solving a Quality Management issue. I can see the quality of our services in multiple internal environments at a glance. The Quality Holes concept, and its trending and workflow, is a brand new measurement that I have not seen in any other product. I value the team’s responsiveness to ideas and issues.

Nandini Javagal
Director, QA at Proofpoint

The shift to microservices architecture and the growth in release frequency has created new quality challenges. SeaLights gives us the tools and insights we need to meet these challenges head on to not only maintain our quality, but increase it.

Rajiv Mirani
Senior Vice President, Engineering at Nutanix

SeaLights is developing the first continuous testing platform enabling the continuous release of software products. They shorten software release cycles as much as possible and streamline testing across the company while improving testing reliability.

Prof. Shimon Schocken
Computer science professor at IDC Herzliya, also taught at NYU, Harvard, Stanford; co-Founder of Matific.

Until SeaLights came along, we were in the dark in understanding our quality level in order to confidently release our applications to production. The SeaLights test coverage capabilities demystify our product’s quality metrics. In addition, it also provides a mechanism to assess the performance of our software quality engineering team, refocus our efforts and test more.

Jeremy Ocampo
VP Software Quality Engineering & Agile Management

Continuous Delivery, with all its innovation, comes with serious quality challenges that companies must address. For quality to prevail, the industry needs Continuous Testing solutions like Sealights, which make testing integral and central to R&D, QA, and DevOps pipelines.

Patrick Steele
Former CIO of Delta Dental

Sealights allows us to optimize our build process and quality to match our fast-paced release cycles by incorporating new quality related data, not visible to us before.

Amir Harush
VP Engineering at Proofpoint

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