Cut Your End-to-End Testing Costs and Stay Alive!

In this new market condition, QA and Engineering executives have a critical task: Keep high release pace and quality while also reducing costs and driving efficiency. This often comes down to choosing the right End-to-End testing strategy, since those are essential and expensive to develop, maintain, and execute.

In this webinar, we will discuss the key steps and data-driven decisions executives can make in order to streamline their End-to-End testing spending without compromising on speed or quality.

Join us to learn:

– How to subset and execute only the relevant End-to-End tests and save valuable resources, time, and cloud cost
– How to gain visibility to what your End-to-End tests are not covering and develop less expensive tests instead
– How to develop the minimum number of End-to-End tests while guaranteeing high quality
– How to block untested code changes from reaching production and save time on unnecessary hotfixes and troubleshooting

Eran Sher | CEO and Co-Founder at SeaLights

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