The Magic Triangle: User Stories + Code Coverage + Tests – An Introduction to User Story Code Coverage Analysis Tool by SeaLights

Join us for a webinar focusing on the new tool released by SeaLights: the User Story Code Coverage Report. This tool addresses a crucial need in software testing, providing a more detailed understanding of how code changes relate to tested features.

While effective for validating feature correctness, traditional software testing methods often fall short in mapping the extent of testing applied to code changes. The User Story Code Coverage Report has been developed to address this issue, enabling teams to link user stories and their associated code changes for increased quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how this tool provides a detailed view of code coverage on a per-user-story basis, accommodating various test types (Integration, E2E, Regression, Manual, and more).
  • Discover the benefits of integrating this tool with popular test management systems, facilitating seamless workflows and data synchronization.
    Understand the importance of customizable and comprehensive User Story Code Coverage reports in streamlining testing processes and improving software quality.
  • Explore how this tool enhances collaboration and transparency within development teams by sharing comprehensive reports through platforms like Confluence & Jira.

Jason Wides | Chief Architect at SeaLights

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