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Code Coverage
for Every Test

Code Coverage Analysis for Unit, Component, API, Integration, Functional and Manual Tests
  • Reduce long & expensive testing cycles:
    Select and execute only the critical tests related to code changes for each build and release.
  • Minimize production defects:
    Automatically identify untested code changes for every test stage (Integration, Regression, E2E, Manual, and more)
  • Focus on the organizational quality strategy:
    A comprehensive code coverage analysis for every test – including Unit, Component, API, Integration, Functional, and Manual Tests
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Code Changes Coverage

Identify coverage across E2E, Regression, Integration, CI and even Manual tests, ensuring no untested code changes reach production

Quality Risks Insights

Real-time feedback on code
changes that require specific
tests before deployment

Changed Based
Quality Gates

Configurable & smart
promotion / release gates set
according to specific
quality metrics

Test Gap Analysis

Automatic pinpoint untested
code changes for every type of
test for effective & efficient
sprint planning

Test Impact Analytics

Auto-select and execute only
the critical tests related to code
changes for every test type

Pull Request Integration

Shift Left by identifying untested
code changes prior to
every merge

Proof of Testing & Quality Control

Quality Metrics cross every
build, sprint, release, and
time frame

User Story Code Coverage Analysis

Linking user stories to their
associated untested
code changes

The code coverage platform of choice for
leading QA and Engineering teams

SeaLights Testing Intelligence

Manual, Functional, API & Integration Tests Code Coverage

Ensures critical code areas are tested at every level.

Test Gap Analysis

Identifies code changes that are not adequately tested, enabling teams to prioritize their testing investment and develop only the necessary tests.

Dynamic Code Analysis & Pull Request Integration

Provides developers with immediate and actionable feedback on their code and PR, allowing them to shift left and fix issues quickly.

Test Impact Analysis

Automatically selects and executes only the necessary tests related to code changes to cut testing cycle time and cost

Comprehensive Support for
Popular Languages, Testing Frameworks, and CI Tools.