Regression Testing in the Microservices Age

Most applications based on a microservices architecture have between dozens to hundreds of services. This means that organizations moving from a monolithic to a microservices infrastructure go from one build and one test pipeline (however large) to hundreds of builds and multiple test pipelines.

In this white paper, we explain how testing in a microservices environment is dramatically different than in a monolithic application.

These differences create five major challenges for teams maintaining high-velocity microservices apps:

  1. High complexity with low visibility
  2. Complex and unpredictable rollback of changes
  3. Limited visibility across the organization for changes made to individual components
  4. Very long run time for full regression across all microservices
  5. Decreasing marginal benefit of new tests

We will show how Quality Intelligence Platforms can mitigate these challenges, create visibility and avoid slowing down development with unplanned, ineffective, or slow running tests.

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