A Walk-Through for Software Managers: How To Make the Project Estimation Process More Agile

That dreaded phrase in engineering… “can you provide me with an estimate?” Many engineers cringe at the thought of putting a set number of days on a story or ticket. We all know the downfalls of estimation when tied to a story – bloat of the story to include extraneous additions when it’s overestimated and cutting of corners (think testing) when underestimated. That being said, for the product managers, business owners, and product owners, having a clear roadmap and sense of timeframe and budget is extremely helpful when trying to map out your strategy for product development. This talk will address some techniques your team can implement to provide estimates that don’t bog down your agile process. The process implements agile methodologies rather than the waterfall techniques that are often tied to estimation processes. The goal of this talk will be to provide you with practices you can bring back to your team that help with transparency in scope and streamlined development.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Learn how to estimate in a way that both accounts for uncertainty and allows for flexibility.
  • Walk away with an actionable process, not just theories and concepts.
  • Find ways to align business values with agile development values.

Julia Macalaster | COO | Def Method
As the COO of Def Method (a software consultancy based in NYC), Julia works closely with clients and the engineering team to map out a process that offers flexibility and transparency. They’ve worked to develop a product discovery, estimation process, and re-estimation process that helps to guide each project they’re working on

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