Achieving a Smart Zero Bug Policy in Microservices: Strategies and Best Practices for QA and Engineering Executives

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the need to deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently has never been greater. This can be a daunting challenge, but there is a solution that can help you overcome it – the Zero Bug Policy. However, when transitioning to microservices, implementing this policy effectively across the entire application can be a complex and difficult task. But don’t worry about the right strategies and insights. You can make it happen! Join us in this exciting webinar and discover how you can successfully apply the Zero Bug Policy in a microservices environment.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Key Strategies and best practices for implementing a smart Zero -Bug Policy in Microservices
  • Best practices such as Bug Triage and Quality Gates.
  • How to use advanced coverage metrics to cover all the untested -code changes per each build and release and for every test stage
  • How to apply changes-based test development strategies in distributed systems
  • How to automate manual and old-school go/no-go decisions
  • The importance of Test Gap Analytics and how to apply it to all complex testing stages (E2E, Regression, Manual, Integration, and more)

If you are a QA or Engineering executive, this webinar is a must-attend event. You will gain valuable insights and strategies to implement a smart Zero Bug Policy in your organization. This will enable you to deliver high-quality products that meet the ever-growing demands of today’s fast-paced business environment.

Marc Amouyal | Solution Center Manager at SeaLights

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