Achieving Quality at Speed in a Modern Software World: Microservices Delivery Without The Pitfalls

Microservices architecture has become the new norm in software development. CI/CD delivery had made releasing updates so frequent it’s almost a daily thing. Modern Software delivery allows no downtime and creates new challenges.

In this webinar, Seb Rose, Continuous Improvement Lead at SmartBear, and Alon Eizenman, CTO & Co-Founder at SeaLights will examine what can go wrong when organizations jump headfirst into microservices architectures without understanding the potential pitfalls.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Techniques and tooling necessary to reap the benefits of increased flexibility and velocity without creating additional risk or deployment nightmares
  • How to gain visibility to ensure your coverage in each microservice
  • How to set quality gates without delaying release to production

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