Continuous Testing with Intelligence: How to Create an Automation Strategy that Achieves Continuous Quality

As DevOps and Continuous Delivery become more mainstream, Quality Management approaches have lagged behind. Agile enterprise teams are delivering builds at high-speed and to keep up, quality owners are faced with new challenges. Some have suggested that continuous testing can solve these problems, but faster test execution won’t guarantee a high level of software quality if important metrics are missing.

In this webinar, Sealights, the leading Software Quality Governance solution, and UiPath, the industry-leading automation platform, will demonstrate how their partnership of tools can help enterprise software quality owners navigate this new age of software development.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Where to focus your teams’ testing so that they can keep up with the velocity of development, without compromising on quality
  • How to speed up the automation of tests so you can scale your enterprise-wide automation strategy
  • How to establish better control and transparency of test activities and coverage
  • The difference between continuous testing and continuous quality and how to integrate them into your CI/CD pipelines

Eran Sher | CEO and Co-Founder at SeaLights
Gerd Weishaar | SVP Product Management at UiPath

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