Creating a Quality-Based Company: Transforming QA Engineering into Quality Gatekeepers

We want to “build quality in” in every aspect of our lives, all the time, but how do we actually do that, especially when it comes to software quality? In this webinar, Steve Upton, Lead QA Consultant at Thoughtworks, and Alon Eizenman, CTO & Co-Founder at SeaLights, will talk about how subtle aspects of the design can help us build in quality much more effectively and how to transform your QA teams into a vital part in the company building in quality.

Join this webinar to hear stories, perspectives, and practical advice about how to:

  • Design a testable system
  • Release software safely and do it fast
  • Use SeaLights to increase the Affordance of your software quality, making your enterprise quality focused

Steve Upton | Lead QA Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Alon Eizenman | CTO and Co-Founder at SeaLights

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