DevOps Approach to Ensure Quality in Microservices

Your enterprise team has followed industry trends and shifted from a monolithic system to a widely distributed, scalable, and highly available microservice architecture. However, instead of solving all your problems with fragile legacy architecture, you ended up with a set of federated services that have hidden dependencies and are maintained by teams that don’t communicate with each other. You’re stuck with the inability to figure out which versions work together, driving the need to test your still-monolithic system both in pieces and as a whole. This looks suspiciously like a DevOps problem and your delivery pipeline becomes critical to your success..

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to introduce DevOps and a high degree of automation to build, deploy, and amplify testing at every stage of the SDLC
  • How to use the CI/CD pipeline to foster communication between well-structured teams
  • How to ensure that each independent service can be tested in isolation as well as with its upstream and downstream service neighbors
  • Solid ideas and patterns for solving problems with microservices
  • How Software Quality Governance can ensure quality in microservices
  • How to identify test gaps in all test stages, including complex tests across integrated services
  • How to make data-driven decisions when promoting code in enterprise SDLC pipelines

Richard Mills, DevOps Architect at Coveros
Alon Eizenman, CTO and Co-founder at SeaLights

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