Don’t Let Testing Become a Bottleneck – A Practical Guide to Faster Pipelines for Software Executives

Most organizations hit the same stumbling block trying to build a pipeline — just what IS the appropriate battery of tests? Automated build architectures don’t always lend themselves well to the traditional stages of testing. In this webinar, Melissa Benua introduces you to key test design principles—applicable to organizations both large and small—that allow you to take full advantage of the pipeline’s capabilities without introducing unnecessary bottlenecks.
Learn how to make highly reliable tests that run fast and preserve just enough information to let testers and developers determine exactly what went wrong and how to reproduce the error locally. Explore ways to reduce overlap while still maintaining adequate test coverage. Take back ideas about which test areas could benefit from being combined into a single suite and which areas could benefit most from being broken out altogether.

Alon Eizenman, CTO & Co-Founder at SeaLights, will show us how SeaLights automatic governance and test optimization platform provide automatic quality gates and allow you selectecvly execute only the relevant test and achieve quality at speed.

Alon Eizenman | CTO and Co-Founder at SeaLights
Melissa Benua | Senior Director Of Engineering at mParticle

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