Easing The QA Tension: A Tale of Software Quality Harmony

In a land far, far away, where Quality and Engineering executives rule their domains with wisdom and courage, a shadow looms. The specter of untested code changes threatens to darken the kingdom’s bright future, and whispers of “we should have tested that” haunt the halls.

But fear not, for there is hope. This webinar, akin to a magical tome, offers the enchanted knowledge to dispel these shadows. It speaks of powerful strategies—smart metrics and strategic testing—that can slice through tension like a knight’s sword through darkness.

Venture further into our tale as we illuminate the path to mastering visibility and control over the realm of untested code changes. Gain the arcane knowledge to discern with clarity which spells have been cast (tested) and which incantations remain hidden (untested) across all manner of tests. This wisdom paves the way for making wise go/no-go release decisions, guiding our kingdom to avoid the doom of production nightmares and secure a future of prosperity and quality.

Join us and discover how, with the right spells of quality and efficiency, the kingdoms of Quality and Engineering can live in everlasting harmony. After all, in our magical world, swift and quality releases lead to a storybook ending of success and happiness.

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