From Fear to Risk: Redefine What Drives Your Enterprise Testing Strategy

Many quality engineering leaders say they do risk-based testing, but walking the walk is showing to be more challenging than enterprises realize. Often, quality engineering teams practicing risk-based testing end up testing “everything” because they continue to test from a place of fear as opposed to calculated risk. Others never reassess or renegotiate risk as their application matures. Additionally, sometimes quality engineering teams lack accurate testing data in order to make well-informed decisions.

Enterprise quality engineering leaders must apply a truth-telling question: What motivates your test coverage decisions? Fear or risk?

In this session we’ll discuss:

– How quality engineering leaders assess and measure risk
– The real motivating factors behind test decisions and how to overcome bias created by fear and previous failures
– How to judge if software quality is “good enough” before a release so that testing does not harm development velocity
– How to reassess risk by integrating new data
– How Software Quality Governance empowers enterprise risk-based testing
Jenna Charlton, Senior Consultant, Coveros, Inc.
Alon Eizenman, CTO and co-founder, SeaLights

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