Getting Started with an AI First Strategy That Plugs Into Your DevOps Pipeline

How do you train an AI bot to do your software testing and speed development and delivery? Integrating AI into your development activities can be intimidating, but in reality, it is pretty easy it just takes some strategy. Learn how to directly apply AI to real-world problems, without having a Ph.D. in computer science. Jennifer shares a wide survey of all the different ways AI is applied to software today. Get some hands-on experience using AI. Whether you are just AI-Curious or want to reap the benefits of AI-based DevOps approaches on your product today, this session is a must to get an understanding of where advanced DevOps strategies, and your career, are headed in an AI-First world. Jennifer will reserve time for Q&A to discuss applying AI-based approaches to your individual problems. This session will get you ready for the AI-Based future of software!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the AI first mindset shift.
  • Different ways AI can be used in software development today.
  • Plugging AI into your DevOps pipeline.

Jennifer Bonine | PinkLion.AI | CEO

PinkLion’s CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Bonine is the first female AI testing tech CEO. Representing the United Nations sustainable development goals of equality, inclusivity, and promise in AI technology, PinkLion is the only company successfully integrating, delivering, and managing AI-based testing for gaming platforms and games without access to the code. PinkLion partners with Test.AI to retrain client workforces, resolving AI testing challenges previously considered impenetrable. Employing a human engagement and AI-first strategy, Jennifer collaborates with entertainment, gaming, media, and sports industries facing AI-based scrutiny.

A guest speaker at Davos’s World Economic Forum, Jennifer will be featured at the UN’s AI for Good summit. She is a member of AI Grrls and TeamWomen, a supporter of Lead the Way, and is a Founding Board Member of the US bid for a Minnesota World Expo 2027. PinkLion is a Google (Gradient) AI Backed Company.

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