Healthy Business Coverage: The Healthcare Software Executive Guide to Achieving Quality at Speed

Maintaining software quality, especially in the healthcare sector, is crucial, but challenging. Digital transformations towards microservice architectures and cloud services are enabling healthcare companies to be more agile, but not without a cost. As the software grows, testing complexity increases. Tests keep piling up and eventually create bottlenecks to delivering new products efficiently.

In this webinar, Isaac Palka, Senior Director of Engineering at Invitae, and Alon Eizenman, CTO & Co-Founder at SeaLights will discuss:

  • How shifting from “code coverage” to “business coverage” improves confidence and reduces complexity
  • Why some assumptions from the past about QA need to be rethought
  • How these problems were solved, with real-world case studies
  • How SeaLights Software Quality Intelligence is transforming the Healthcare sector by allowing cost reduction, greater scale, and trust

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