Help! I am Drowning In 2 Week Sprints….Please Tell Me What NOT to Test!

Sometimes we allow ourselves to drown in work… Mary Thorn hears it all the time: developers and testers complaining during retrospectives to their teams that they do not have enough time to test everything. She often sees them work overtime the last week of a sprint to ensure the definition of done is accomplished. Why does this happen? Why do we enable the bad behaviors of “Scrummerfall” or a lack of whole-team ownership of quality?

Mary aims to arm QA and Dev Managers with techniques to help them test smarter, not harder, and enable their team to have better conversations that make it clear what they are testing in the sprint. Most importantly, she wants you to come out of her session being able to answer the question, “What are you not going to test this sprint?” Take home some approaches that allow you to swim, not sink, by focusing your own and your team’s efforts.

Speaker | Mary Thorn | Mary Thorn Consulting  

Chief storyteller of the book The Three Pillars of Agile Testing and Quality, Mary Thorn is the owner of Mary Thorn Consulting in Raleigh, NC. During her more than twenty years of experience with healthcare, financial, and HR SaaS-based products, Mary has held director, manager- and contributor-level positions in software development organizations.

A seasoned leader and coach in agile and testing methodologies, Mary has direct experience building and leading teams through large-scale agile transformations. Mary’s special expertise is a combination of testing, DevOps, and agile scaling skills that her clients find incredibly valuable. She is also a frequent speaker, teacher and author.

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