How Datafaction Increased Software Quality by 65% with SeaLights’ Intelligent Testing

In order to maintain a competitive advantage today, there is an enormous demand by organizations developing software to deliver quality at speed. Datafaction strives to become a quality-centric enterprise so that it can lead its market and ensure a flawless customer experience with the help of innovative software quality metrics.

Join Ami Adler, Software Development Manager at Datafaction, as he explores how SeaLights partnered with Datafaction to:

  • Measure modified code coverage of a large and mostly untested application to gradually begin prioritizing software quality
  • Focus its testing efforts and reduce its regression testing from one week to one day, without compromising the quality of its code
  • Move from manual to automated testing, while still meeting feature release deadlines
  • Create a strong quality culture

Ami Adler | Software Development Manager at Datafaction
Kobi Malka | Director of Customer Success and Account Management at SeaLights

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