How Sophos Accelerated their CI Tests Cycle Time by 88% with SeaLights

Are you looking to enhance the speed and efficiency of your software development cycles?

Join us for this webinar to In this webinar, to gain valuable insights into how Sophos overcame the challenge of lengthy CI builds and extensive debugging processes by implementing SeaLights’ Test Impact Analytics (TIA). By automatically selecting and executing critical tests related to code changes for each build and release, Sophos achieved remarkable results.

By attending this webinar, you will gain:

  • Strategies to reduce waiting time: Learn how Sophos tackled the issue of hours spent waiting for build completion by streamlining their CI cycles per commit.
  • Streamlining debugging processes: Gain insights into the extensive debugging process and how Sophos streamlined it by implementing Test Impact Analytics (TIA).
  • Increased development speed: Discover how Sophos significantly accelerated their software development cycles through testing process optimization.

Hemali Parekh | Senior Engineering Manager at Sophos
Dee Feng | Costumer Success Manager at SeaLights

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