How Sophos’ Software Engineering Team Doubled its Quality With SeaLights Test Intelligence

In today’s enterprises, digital transformation initiatives are increasingly complex and fast-paced and it’s clear that software quality can make or break any digital transformation project. Sophos’ management team understands the importance of establishing a quality culture across its entire organization in order to succeed.

In this webinar, you will learn how Sophos implemented SeaLights to emphasize its quality management model and establish a strong quality culture across its entire organization.

Join Hemali Parekh, Engineering Manager at Sophos, as she explores how SeaLights partnered with Sophos to:

  • Successfully establish a strong quality culture through a top-down approach by proving to the development team that increased modified code coverage will result in decreased incidents in production
  • Use data-based insights and metrics to influence organizational decisions on a daily basis
  • Measure the progress of test coverage over time with metrics
  • Increase modified code coverage from 60% to 90%

Hemali Parekh | Engineering Manager at Sophos
Kobi Malka | Director of Customer Success and Account Management at SeaLights

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