How to Optimize Katalon Test Automation with SeaLights

R&D and QA teams constantly adopt new tools and technologies in order to maximize their speed of development and maintain a competitive advantage. Testing frameworks are excellent solutions for organizations that want to increase their development velocity while maintaining a high-quality product. Katalon accomplishes this through test automation, continuous testing, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Automating the testing process with Katalon speeds up releases. However, as more and more tests are developed and automated over time, testing cycle times can extend. The challenge to enhance development velocity returns and testing once again becomes a bottleneck. But, what if you could optimize your test automation?

In this webinar, we will introduce SeaLights’ Test Optimization and demonstrate how Katalon users can implement SeaLights to shorten testing cycles. We will also present a real-life use case of how a large accounting firm used SeaLights to optimize its use of the Katalon framework—saving more than 50% of its total test execution time.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How increasing test automation can ultimately create a bottleneck and what impacts that may have on your organization
  • How a combination of test automation and test optimization empowers your organization to test faster and smarter
  • How to enable software quality at speed


Coty Rosenblath | CTO at Katalon, Inc.
Alon Eizenman | CTO and Co-founder at SeaLights

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