Impact Testing: Stop Waiting for Tests You Don’t Need to Run

With many companies moving to microservices, CI time becomes an obstacle to increasing development velocity. Big teams comprised of developers and QA engineers that work with mono-repositories need to wait for the CI to run all their tests before they can move on to the next stage of development, greatly affecting their productivity.

Join Raquel Pau, Senior Software Engineer at Adevinta (Schibsted Media Group), as she walks you through the simplistic yet sophisticated approach of the Test Impact Analysis, from theory to execution. Raquel will demonstrate how she implemented this theory in Schibsted Media Group to speed up their test automation phase and increase their team’s efficiency.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Test Impact Analysis to increase development velocity, without compromising quality
  • How to get the fastest possible feedback loop when it comes to executing your tests
  • Which new tools can help you drastically reduce your long regression testing cycles

Speaker | Raquel Pau, Senior Software Engineer, Adevinta

Raquel Pau has more than 10 years of experience in software development and an EMBA at ESADE. She is currently member of the Engineering and Productivity team at Adevinta (a.k.a Schibsted) and is deeply passionate about developer tools. Raquel is also the author of two open source projects: walkmod and junit4git and has been speaker in several conferences (Devoxx, Voxxed Days, JBCNConf).

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