Kubernetes Cost Cutting: A Treasure Hunt with Test Impact Analytics

***A Practical Guide for Software and DevOps Executives***

As Kubernetes continues to gain widespread adoption, many Engineering and DevOps leaders and executives are turning to Kubernetes clusters for their workloads. However, over time, some of these companies may start to experience a disproportionate increase in cost.

Test Impact Analytics enables companies to identify unnecessary tests and reduce the number of tests they run on Kubernetes clusters, thereby reducing costs.

This webinar is specifically designed for Engineering and DevOps Leaders who are looking to optimize their use of Kubernetes and reduce costs. We will be discussing how Test Impact Analytics can help identify and eliminate unnecessary tests, leading to cost savings and more efficient use of your Kubernetes.

Join us to find the map to a treasure trove of cost savings on Kubernetes – learn how to maximize cost savings with Kubernetes Test Impact Analytics and how to reduce the number of tests you run on your cluster.

Jason Wides | Chief Architect at SeaLights

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