Life is Better When Things Flow: How Quality Owners Achieve 0 Production Defects in Enterprise DevOps

“0/100”, or zero defects and 100% first-time-through (FTT), is the holy grail of the Lean Manufacturing Movement. Your teams achieve 100% FTT if your product or service has no defects when it is released to the customer and it is successful on the first try.

In this webinar, Wayne Wang (Senior Manager of Technology Enablement at J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc) and Alon Eizenman (CTO at SeaLights) will demonstrate how Enterprise DevOps Teams achieve zero defects in production using the most advanced methods and tools of 2021

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to eliminate waste in order to minimize and streamline non-value added activities
  • How to prevent defects from being pushed downstream by building quality processes, resulting in 0/100, or 0 defects and 100% FTT (First Time Through)
  • How to boost throughput and quality through automation and improve the flow of your CI/CD pipelines
  • How Software Quality Governance ensures 100% FTT

Wayne Wang – Senior Manager of Technology Enablement at J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc
Alon Eizenman – CTO of SeaLights

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