Seven Measurement and Metrics Anti-patterns in Agile and DevOps

Agile transformations are underway in just about every organization. Continued competitiveness demands that we deliver value to our users, customers, and clients with quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness. A key principle in our agile culture is fast feedback.

Fast feedback requires that managers have the appropriate measurement and metrics systems in place to ensure that all key stakeholders have timely information to make decisions, take corrective action and continuously improve. Unfortunately, as we transition from our traditional lifecycle and culture to agile and DevOps, many organizations have not rearchitected their measurement and metrics approach(es). As a result, several measurements and metrics anti-patterns are being practiced such as relying on the same traditional measures and metrics to serve us in our new agile & DevOps world, not aligning measures and metrics to key business goals and retaining a functional vs. business outcome perspective when implementing our measurement system.

Join Mike Sowers, Executive Vice President at Coveros for a discussion on these measures and metrics anti-patterns and how to avoid them.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to spot these metrics anti-patterns in your organization and secure ideas on ways to help your team overcome them
  • The key measures that are yielding results and helping successful organizations focus on outcomes
  • Ways to establish a plan for improving and transforming your measures and metrics

Mike Sowers | CIO & Executive VP at Coveros
Mike Sowers has more than twenty-five years of practical experience as a global leader of internationally distributed test teams across multiple industries. Mike is a senior leader, that worked with large global companies— to improve development approaches, increase software quality, reduce time to market, and decrease costs.

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