Shorten Your Team’s Test Cycle Time by 80% with SeaLights’ AI

Digital Transformation demands software engineering teams to increase their velocity, causing them to adopt agile software development methodologies and CI/CD to release new code into production as rapidly as possible. However, as the pace of code releases picks up, software testing can become a bottleneck, as testers run every test on every new release.

This webinar will present real-life use cases of how software teams around the world have overcome this obstacle. You’ll learn how advanced Machine Learning and AI capabilities can help your teams reduce test cycle time by up to 80% so they can keep up with the rapid speed of development.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What is SeaLights’ Test Optimization and how it works
  • How SeaLights’ Test Impact Analytics knows which tests are most important to run, allowing R&D and QA teams to speed up build cycles while improving quality
  • Real-life use cases of how SeaLights’ customers are testing smarter

Alon Eizenman | CTO & Co-founder | SeaLights
Sarit Ariel | VP Product |SeaLights

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