Software Engineering Executives Practical Guide to: Testing Smarter in Modern Software Delivery

Today, as the demand for digital innovation is burgeoning, so is the demand for innovative software. This, in turn, is radically transforming how software is delivered. QA Engineering teams are struggling to maintain high quality and to complete test cycles on time, risking their ability to deliver software fast. This transition to modern application delivery is putting increasing pressure on a portion of the software delivery pipeline that has long remained a laggard software testing. A software build’s go/no-go decisions
ultimately hinge on its test results. However, with the growing number of builds and frequency of releases, the software engineering and QA teams are finding it difficult to maintain the high quality of their builds and complete test cycles on time.

In this session, Jason Wides will present a new approach of Quality Intelligence that enhances enterprises to achieve high quality by identifying and blocking untested code changes from reaching production and dramatically reducing the required number of tests to execute and by ensuring that testing will not block business scale.

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