Software Quality at Speed: Overcoming The New Challenges for Healthcare in Modern Delivery

Digital transformation and delivery model convergence are underway in the health ecosystem, but leaders and technology innovators need to reassure regulators and patients that their new digital health services and products are safe and effective.

The Healthcare sector cannot overcome cost, scale, or trust issues while Engineering & QA teams struggle to maintain high quality and complete tests on time, risking the ability to deliver software fast.Join this live webinar to learn how SeaLights Software Quality Intelligence is transforming the Healthcare systems by allowing cost reduction, greater scale, and trust.You’ll also hear from Jason Jerina, Vice President, Quality Engineering at Change Healthcare, about how SeaLights helped Change Healthcare to achieve software quality at speedSeaLights Quality Intelligence Platform revolutionizes how software changes are delivered.

Leveraging AI in the test management process, SeaLights’ allows Development and QA groups to conduct their testing cycles smartly by identifying and blocking untested code changes from reaching production

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