Testing In The Hundred Microservices World: When The Pyramid Becomes An Hourglass

We went from testing monoliths applications and its challenges to testing integrations of hundreds of microservices; but this also comes at a price: brittle, slow, and infra dependent tests. This talk is about my journey to create a testing strategy that was able to prevent bugs and protect customers from the complexity and potential defects of dozens of releases per day of different services at the same time.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to be the first one to know about problems in production
  • How to guarantee a rollout plan that affects the least customers possible if something goes wrong
  • How to create robust, fast, reliable and well-scoped tests

Speaker | Isa Vilacides | Quality Engineering Manager, CloudBees

Isa started her career as a developer, but ended up managing Quality Engineering teams which she has continued doing for the last ten years. Since then she has helped different companies to reach continuous delivery by improving their development, testing and release processes through automation and risk analysis: the biggest Spanish social network Tuenti, a Rakuten video-on-demand service, the JIRA Cloud and Infrastructure Services divisions at Atlassian and currently CloudBees. She believes in giving back to the community and is therefore a frequent speaker at testing meet-ups like After Test and Agile Barcelona, and she has also spoken at international conferences such as Jenkins World 2017 (SF), Sevilla Developer Conference 2017, Devops Days Barcelona 2013, itSMF 2014 and expoQA where she has also formed part of the selection committee.

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