What are your Automation Tests Covering? A Practical Guide for Automation Team Leaders

Test Automation is a vital part of the software industry, but what is the most efficient way to automate the workflow? Maintaining test data for automation can be tedious and creating different test cases using different types of test data can be time-consuming.

In this webinar, Dimitri Harding, Solutions & Test Architect at QualityWorks Consulting Group, and Alon Eizenman, SeaLights CTO & Co-Founder will speak about Data-Driven testing approach and explain:

  • How to leverage your test automation, and how to get started with a data source that works for you.
  • How to structure your test code, and what data sources to use in your project.
  • How to ensure that you have all the test coverage that is needed per permutation and that you will be able to easily manage the test data
  • How SeaLights dramatically increase the automated and integration test coverage

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