Sail or Fail? Are You Setting Yourself Up to Fail at Test Automation?


In this session, we will layout how to tackle impractical expectations, including “automation is a QA job”, “automation will cure all of my quality problems”, and “automation can be finished”, heads on and ensure that expectations don’t tank your T.A initiative. The session is appropriate for anyone with a hand in test automation; even those with existing automation initiatives.

What you’ll learn:

  • Most automation failures are due to impractical expectations.
  • Managing expectations early in the initiative avoids the incorrect perception of failures.
  • Make business decisions with business and technology data.
  • Managing interdepartmental teams: Wrangling dev – test – ops to achieve T.A.
  • Automation doesn’t equal high quality: Balancing speed and quality.
  • Regression, refactor, repeat: Managing test automation maintenance.

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