Use Performance Testing Advanced Practices to Identify Bottlenecks


As applications performance is becoming an important product feature, DevOps need to include performance testing for continuous integration.
In fact, continuous Integration and continuous deployment are almost meaningless without continuous testing.
As DevOps means faster development cycles, it requires tools that fit this paradigm. Solutions and processes that could have been valid 5 years ago, are now too slow and cumbersome to work with this model.
A few years ago performance testing was considered more as an add-on. Now performance is one of the main features of any web application, often “product feature #1”. 

In this webinar we covered:

  • How does performance testing fit into the picture?
  • How performance testing can become part of your continuous deployment lifecycle to achieve fast deployment of scalable applications.
  • Solutions available today about the challenges of performance testing and its integration with the application development lifecycle.
  • How performance testing contributes to the overall code coverage and how to identify redundant exploratory tests as they are overlapping with the performance cycle.

Speaker | Paola Rossaro | Founder of Nouvola

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